Gov John Hickenlooper

Governor of the State of Colorado

General David H. Petraeus

Retired US Army General and Chairman of the KKR Global Institute

Gov Dannel P. Malloy

Governor of the State of Connecticut

Menny Barzilay

CEO of FortyTwo and a Strategic Adviser to the Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at the Tel Aviv University

Vance Brown

CEO, National Cybersecurity Center

Ron Ross

Computer Scientist, NIST Fellow

Pam Shockley-Zalabak

Chancellor Emerita, UCCS

Mayor John Suthers

Mayor of the City of Colorado Springs

Jonathan Steenland

Principle of CISO Services, Zyston

Dale Drew

Chief Security Officer, Level3

Suma Nallapati

Colorado’s Secretary of Technology and Chief Information Officer

Jim O’ Connor

CEO , 1871 and Global Head of Venture Capital, William Blair

Vincent Letteri

Director, TMT Growth Strategy, KKR

Kate Beatty

VP Enterprise Strategy & Planning, Center for Creative Leadership

Jonathan Ho

Technology Analyst, William Blair

Bhavan Suri

Partner & Co-group Technology Head, William Blair

Christopher Gorog

Lead Cybersecurity Faculty, CTT

Chris Franz

Managing Director, Pioneer Fund

Paul Chang

IBM, Global Blockchain Lead

Pat Riley

CEO, GAN Network

Douglas Bakkum

Shift Devices AG Co-Founder

Dr. Venkat Reddy

Chancellor, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Charles E. Grindle, Ph.D.

CIO, Commonwealth Office of Technology

Mark Weatherford

SVP & Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at vArmour

Frank Ricotta

CEO & Founder, BurstIQ

David Cohen

Founder and Chairman of Dcntral

Stan Vanderwerf

El Paso County Commissioner


5% of profits will go toward relief efforts in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
Full Symposium Including All Sessions, Meals and Hotel
1,500.00 USD

Three Day Access

All sessions, including workshops, panel sessions and seminars. Includes both evening keynotes with Ret General David Petraeus, Gov John Hickenlooper and Menny Barzilay,

Includes meals and accommodations.

For information regarding military and other discounts, please contact April Trinkle at

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Wed Night Session With Gov Hickenlooper and Ret General Petraeus
300.00 USD

Special guest speaker Retired General David Petraeus and Governor John Hickenlooper

Includes presentations by Jim O’ Connor of 1871 and Vance Brown, CEO of the NCC.

Includes dinner & keynote

For information regarding military and other discounts, please contact April Trinkle at

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Thurs Night Session with Cybersecurity Expert Menny Barzilay
300.00 USD

Special guest speaker and cybersecurity expert, Menny Barzilay.

With introductions and comments by Pam Shockley-Zalabak, Chancellor Emerita of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Includes dinner & keynote

For information regarding military and other discounts, please contact April Trinkle at

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Friday Morning Breakfast & Session
50.00 USD

Includes presentations by Vincent Letteri (Director, KKR), Tim Oakley (Board Member, Exponential Impact), Vance Brown and others. This session is sponsored by Colorado’s new security accelerator, Exponential Impact.

Includes breakfast & session

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About the Cyber Symposium

Envisioned by Governor John Hickenlooper, the National Cyber Symposium is the premier cybersecurity and blockchain technology event in the country. This year’s event features retired United States Army General David Petraeus, renowned cybersecurity strategist Menny Barzilay, Governor John Hickenlooper, NIST fellow Ron Ross and many other experts and thought leaders. 

The Cyber Symposium will bring together top cybersecurity experts from across the world to engage in information exchange and critical cross-industry networking. Join other civilian, military, intelligence, industry and academia at the five-star Broadmoor hotel in beautiful Colorado for this unforgettable event.

Together, we’ll answer critical questions, including…

  • What is cybersecurity and why does it matter?

  • What does blockchain technology mean for cybersecurity?

  • What are the current threats & risks?

  • What are the best strategies & solutions?

  • What is the future of cybersecurity and how can I be part of it? 

Every session of the symposium is being designed to be as unforgettable as it is educational. You will leave with more than just information. Rather, you will leave the symposium with actionable steps, strategies and solutions that you can employ when you return home. 


The Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Springs, Colorado USA 80921


Broadmoor accomodations only while supplies last
Day 1
01 Nov 2017
Day 2
02 Nov 2017
Day 3
03 Nov 2017

General Reception

Wednesday Dinner

Mayor John Suthers


General David H. Petraeus
Jim O’ Connor

Plated Breakfast Served



Jonathan Ho
Mark Weatherford


Vance Brown

Blockchain Panel


Suma Nallapati


General Reception

Thursday Dinner

Stan Vanderwerf
Pam Shockley-Zalabak

Welcome and Comments

CTU Awards Presentation

Vance Brown
Vance Brown



Special thanks to our sponsors. All proceeds go to the National Cybersecurity Center and Exponential Impact, which are both 501-C3 nonprofit organizations.



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