Day 1
19 Sep 2019
Day 2
20 Sep 2019

Plenary Keynote Session

Admiral Michael Rogers
Vance Brown

Plenary Session

Kathy Boe
John Chen

Breakout: Cybersecurity for Space Assets: Current & Future

Dr. Michele Gaudreault
Kevin Coggins
Katherine Monson
Erin Miller

Breakout: Conversation Between Industry & Education

Neelam Sandhu
Martin Wood
Dr. Erik J. Huffman
Thomas Russell

Breakout: CybHER Leaders – Hacking the Glass Ceiling

Dr. Shue-Jane Thompson
Martha Charles-Vickers
Dr. Dawn M. Beyer
Ms. Perri Nejib

Breakout: Topic TBD

General Guy Walsh

Breakout: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly gaining recognition as a viable method to increase successful problem solving, advance research in areas that exceed human capabilities and are automating menial processes to...
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Shawn Murray

Keynote Dinner

John Chen
Vance Brown

Breakout: Election Security Panel

Thomas Hicks
Forrest Senti

Breakout: Artificial Intelligence – Time Bomb Or The Promised Land?

Companies have AI projects. Security products use AI to keep attackers out and insiders at bay. But what is this “AI” that everyone talks about? In this talk we will...
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Raffael Marty

Mayor’s Cyber Cup and Luncheon

Vance Brown
Mayor John Suthers