09 Oct 2018
8:00 am - 8:45 am

Cyber Resiliency

How much do we depend on technology to ensure our networks and data are secure?  Is the human element a factor? FBI Special Agent Don Freese discusses the sometimes humorous qualities of human interaction as we endeavor to build resilience and “hope for the future”.  Cybersecurity as a sector often suffers from lack of relationship incentives and behavioral economics and relative research from NASA all help to take on this challenge.  This presentation further works through the dynamics of Respect and Trust in professional engagements, and focuses on the maturation from basic outreach & business relationships, within the overall goal of transformational partnerships driving cyber resilience.  The FBI’s role in public-private partnerships that strengthen our nation’s infrastructure will be highlighted with encouragement for robust prevention, response, and recovery partnership paradigms for all sectors facing cyber-attacks.