Arshad Noor

CTO, Strongkey


I design and build advanced security infrastructures/solutions for strong authentication and encryption of sensitive data. I am the architect and creator of many open-source data-protection solutions:

* PKI2FIDO ( – a web-application to register FIDO credentials after being strongly-authenticated with an X.509 digital certificate (on a CAC/PIV card). Enables companies/government agencies to move to simpler, stronger authentication than TLS ClientAuth;
* StrongAuth DataProtection Appliance, the industry’s first open-source solution to create a Data Protection Infrastructure;
* StrongAuth KeyAppliance, the industry’s first solution to include encryption, tokenization, key-management and a cryptographic hardware module in an integrated appliance;
* CryptoCabinet (, a free and open-source web-application built using the Regulatory Compliant Cloud Computing (RC3) web-application architecture; and
* CryptoEngine (, an open-source software to encrypt files and store them into public or private clouds. digitally sign documents and open-source, enterprise-scale FIDO Certified U2F Server;
* StrongKey, the industry’s first open-source Symmetric Key Management System (