Dr. Tom Walcott

Technical Director, NSA Colorado


Dr. Walcott is the Technical Director of NSA Colorado, where he is part of the site leadership team and helps develop the strategic technical and operational vision for the site.  He has worked closely with interagency and international partners, and has participated in numerous study groups assessing overall process improvements for the health of the organization. He has also participated in three Defense Science Board task forces, which required navigating disparate perspectives on difficult problems, and formulating actionable recommendations for the Secretary of Defense.

As the inaugural Technical Director for CYBERCOM’s Cyber National Mission Force, Dr. Walcott focused on military cyber operations strategy, operational planning, and implementation in an organization growing to several thousand members.  His work emphasized pre-conflict deterrence and force development, and he has published two papers on those topics.  He helped lead an operational study reviewing CYBERCOM’s force allocation, infrastructure, and capabilities.

As an employee of the Institute for Defense Analyses, Dr. Walcott worked with NSA’s Information Assurance Directorate, Signals Intelligence Directorate, and the NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center on a variety of complex technical problems.  He has aided in analysis of a secure system proposed for use in the Department of Defense, architected and implemented the first iteration of the SIGINT Forensics Lab, and provided technical analyses of cases to the judges of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in support of legal applications.