Jennifer Bisceglie

CEO, Interos Solutions


Interos Solutions, Inc. is a fast-growing supplier of AI and SaaS-delivered solutions to government agencies and the private sector. The core of Interos’ solution is the aggregation and analysis of large data sets to identify relationships, patterns, and correlations with the goal of producing predictive and prescriptive insights for our customers to assess, monitor and enhance their business eco-systems. As eco-systems consist of supply chains, partnerships and business alliances, a change in any of these relationships can produce unknown and unexpected business risks.

In addition to running Interos, I travel the country, and now the world, in promoting the economic opportunities for women in running their own businesses and creating a global economic impact with Quantum Leaps.

Specialties: Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM), Vendor Risk Management, Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Supply Chain Strategy.

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